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Global Assisti is a platform which helps student to search, compare, book and review money transfer options in real-time. Global Assisti is comprised with a team of professional having high degree of knowledge in Digital Payment and solutions. As an organization our goal is to assist students for various tasks including and not limited to overseas account opening, application fee payments, transfers, travel bookings & travel insurance with best in class service.



GIC means Guaranteed Investment Certificate and it's an investment account. This account is offered by a Canadian Bank. There are four types of GIC accounts

All money transferred in GIC account are treated as proof of funds. This money in turn would be released to the students, for a period of 12 months with monthly intervals to assist their study abroad and to maintain their expenses along with interest.

What can we do for you?

  • We will open a GIC account in a bank of your choice at Lowest rates
  • Once account is opened, we will assist student to get better Exchange rate
  • Free assistance for any KYC Verification
Name of banks which we can Open GIC Bank Processing Fees in Canada Total Amount to be transferredin CAD
CIBC Bank CAD 150 CAD 10150
Nova Scotia CAD 200 CAD 10200
Bank of Montreal CAD 300 CAD 10300
ICICI CAD175 CAD 10175


This is a special type of a German bank account that was created specifically for internationals willing to come to Germany with the purpose of studying, job-searching or participating in the au-pair programme

In 2020, the amount of € 861.00 must be blocked for every month that you are planning to stay in Germany as a student – this would be €10,539.00 for one year

There are 3 ways to open the account

Global Assisti will help to open all these


Global Assisti will help to do the payment through WU Global Pay with better pricing

FLY WIRE Assistance

Flywire Corporation provides global educational payment solutions. The Company facilitates payment processing for international students including tuition fees and admission deposits, as well as reconciliation process for the schools. Flywire serves customers world-wide

Student Travel Insurance

We will assist you to get best available rate for Student Travel insurance

As early bird offer we will give up to 10% discounts on all Travel insurance. Limited Period offer!!!

International Ticketing

Global Assisiti can assist you in getting best possible connection and baggage allowance on flights for students travelling from India. That is not all there are surprising discounts on time to time basis will be made available only for student fares as per Airline offers.

So Why wait?? Kindly call us to check and book best available rates!!!

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